Sea Stories is Blue Ocean Institute’s quarterly online journal of international ocean writing and art. Our mission is to nurture curiosity, creativity, and concern about the world’s oceans through literary and artistic expression.

Sea Stories welcomes memoir, poetry, descriptive prose, and imaginative nonfiction, as well as photographs, drawings, or other visual arts. It’s edited and published by Casey R. Skinner, poet and Alaska resident.

Our contributors are people from all walks of life: scientists and beachcombers, students and vacationers, fishermen and seafood-eaters, coastal residents and inland ocean-lovers … and professional writers and artists too.

To submit to Sea Stories, please see the submission guidelines for helpful hints and tips.

Finally, I would like to honor the contributions of Blue Ocean Institute’s former Sea Stories editors — Dr. Steven Pavlos Holmes, Karla Linn Merrifield, and K.R. Copeland — for their skill and passion in helping bring ocean poetry and art from under water into the light of day.