Lynzey Culver

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Lynzey Culver is a senior at Thunder Mountain High School who grew up in Juneau, Alaska learning to fly fishing with her dad, as well as learning the many weaving trails that covered Juneau’s Valley and mountains. To remember her hikes she now uses photography to help her capture artistic images that tell stories rather than just a colorful or pretty image. With her photogrphy it has helped her further her passion in loving art, and helped her become more creative in other forms of art including: digital art, mixed media art, drawing, and sculpting. Although she hasn’t decided whether or not art or photography is some thing she wants to pursue after high school it will always be a hobby she enjoys.

Coastal Zone, Hibernal 2012

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Casey R. Schulke grew up along the Kuskokwim River in a rural Athabascan village in Alaska fishing for king salmon and mushing her sled dog team. She now resides on the shores of Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. Casey's a poet, a naturalist, a dog-lover, has two birds, and is married to a wonderful man.
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