Alexis Gillett

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What is an artist? Alexis always imagined an artist as someone who could not only recreate familiar images, but also put their own creative spin and personal feeling into a piece.  She had not, until very recently discovered herself in this way.  Art, to Alexis, is about self-discovery.

Alexis currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska and has found herself here.  Alaska is her newfound inspiration and the ocean has been a lingering passionate theme in Alexis’s life.  She believes we are completely connected to our waters and the understanding of this interconnectedness is essential.

She is in her senior year at Alaska Pacific University studying marine biology and has learned the importance of the sea and all its resources.  She’s thrilled to be in a place with such beautiful and thriving oceans and can only hope to convey this through art.

Coastal Zone, Hibernal 2012

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Casey R. Schulke grew up along the Kuskokwim River in a rural Athabascan village in Alaska fishing for king salmon and mushing her sled dog team. She now resides on the shores of Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. Casey's a poet, a naturalist, a dog-lover, has two birds, and is married to a wonderful man.
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