Ulla Gmeiner

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Ulla Gmeiner is a virtual artist (painting and objects) from Germany with her own studio in Bonn. Ulla’s work (paintings, collages and objects) can be described as a “controlled chance.”  Her paintings and collages are based on a dialogue with experimentally induced processes and Ulla meets them with a conscious artistic development. Light, texture and colors play an important role. She likes to apply different materials like glass fiber, aluminum foil, eggshells, fragments of old books and wood engravings.  Ulla’s interest in philosophy, mythology and nature subjects is strongly expressed in her artwork. There is often a hidden sense in it which is not directly visible. She always look for “poetic possibilities” that often reveal surreal features and represent the themes of transience.

Ulla received her artistic education in Munich.  She is a member of different art groups and a curator of the International Competition Kulturpark Tapetenfabrik Bon. Ulla is also the recipient of the Art Majeur Silver Award in 2010 and 2011

Ulla’s exhibitions have been shown in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, and France: Galerie Sassen in Bonn, KG 52 in Stockholm, ArtGermany in Munich, Vernissage Atelier in Heidelberg, Trevisan International Art in Bologna, and Carré d’Artistes in Paris.

Her artistic work was published in several different art magazines and books:

Art &Graphic Magazine: Interview and Title, 2009 and At the studio with Ulla Gmeiner

Design/Interior, Zeixs, Germany, 2010

The National Poetry Review: Title and Article, 2011

Book covers for Hachette, Paris and Harper Collins, London, 2011

Visit Ulla’s website: www.ullagmeiner.com

Autumnal 2011, Coastal Zone

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