Janet Botes

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Of sustainability.
Of a stable economy.
Of abundant resources.
Of animals walking the plains.”

Combining a love for nature and animals with my passion for creative expression, I love painting, drawing and photographing landscapes. This along with my experience as graphic designer birthed the “Nuances” series of photographic-digital landscapes. Inspired by landscapes from across South Africa, this series aim to capture the essence of the areas that surround us and make part of our existence on earth. The vastness of the Karoo and Kalahari, the presence of water around us, the stimulating combination of textures, colours and stillness in nature, and the joining of human living with the natural environment.

The series subtly represents the natural landscape as a memory instead of reality, as humankind fails to change habits, uses, abuse of resources and unsustainable lifestyles and in this way causes the extinction of natural life on our planet. Urbanization, agriculture and conservation are some of the bigger issues that are hinted at in the works – this is more evident in some of the works than in others. Nuances are also meant to celebrate the beauty of nature and encourage us to appreciate what surrounds us, cultivating a new respect and connection to everything. A focus on traveling through landscapes is also evident, as I merge photographs that I took in different cities, towns and areas into a new unity. We live in a beautiful country and due to our busy lives we often neglect focusing and appreciating  the vastness of the ocean, the serenity of the veldt and the expanse of landscape up to the horizon.

View more work by Janet Botes, and the rest of the Nuances series on http://www.janetbotes.co.za/

The Nuances series are sold as limited edition prints of 5 editions each, and are available for sale at www.StateoftheArt.co.za

Autumnal 2011, Coastal Zone

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