Jade Herriman

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This series uses found materials and discarded paper, and draws on themes of popular culture and the natural environment. In collage created with consumer refuse she uses cultural motifs to create scenes from nature. Their forms and characters are diverse, celebrating the incredible beautiful riotous diversity of nature. The pieces in this series draw our attention to the forgotten players; who stand solemnly and catch us with a steady gaze reminding us of their presence. The bodies of the fish are pieced together mostly from images of objects in beauty magazines, reminding us of the shadow of consumer culture, the refuse and waste from the industrial processes we use to create our objects of beauty that makes it’s way to the ocean, and the vulnerability and strength of the individuals who inhabit this space.


Jade Herriman was born in Adelaide, Australia and currently lives in Sydney. Her interests span creative and policy responses to ecological issues and she currently works as a sustainability researcher at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS.  Her visual arts practice is a form of enquiry that grows from these same interests, and she is particularly interested in ways to use art to engage with the felt responses to sustainability issues. She also has experience in community engagement on environment using creative methods, for instance, using printmaking as a learning space for threatened species, and incorporating youth art processes as part of consultation in strategic planning.

Inspired by artists’ books, illustration, and art as social process, Jade’s practice involves zine making, intaglio printing, fabric printing, drawing and collage

Autumnal 2010, Coastal Zone

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Casey R. Schulke grew up along the Kuskokwim River in a rural Athabascan village in Alaska fishing for king salmon and mushing her sled dog team. She now resides on the shores of Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. Casey's a poet, a naturalist, a dog-lover, has two birds, and is married to a wonderful man.
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