Daniel Williams

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In a Sheltered Cove

Wind arrows all
Point somewhere else

A small cove
Shaped like a harp
With sea horizon its
Deepest string attached

Further out great drama—
Black clouds furred with rain
Deepsea furrows
Veined with spindrift

The world’s wondrous violence
Spares this place
With flat water
Silent sand

Seabirds at rest

Even when they fly
They trace with their flight
quiet language
Across dark vellum

–Devil’s Elbow, OR

Salmon ladder

Nothing more than
Redwood logs   joined
By steel   by threading

A ladder for fish to climb

Ancient course they must pass—
Leaping into cold
Snapping air
To land ten feet further
Along a sacred way

Silver route for life to move
Powerfully back into channels
Where riffles sing beneath ferns

Fog spirits in ravines
Bless this place

Where salmon dance
Delicate spasms of apricot fire
Up their stairway

To birth waters
Full of the milk of the sky

–Nehalem, OR

Salmon plant

Dull twilight at sea
Full of the ichor
Of frozen gods

Ancient star Spica
Cobalt and emerald flash

Full moon gapes through a fog
Shaped like the waterway it follows

Swimming silver knives
Spumes of foil
Flaring magnesium twists

———-Coho salmon upstream

Workers bent to their task-
——————–A river

– Bandon, OR


Daniel Williams resides in the Yosemite region of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California.  He has an M.A. in English Literature from San Jose State University and has taught at Foothill College, Columbia College, and Metro State in Denver.  Daniel has read for Poets’ West readings at the Frye Art Museum, Wednesdays at KSER radio, Barnes and Nobles, and Epilogue Books in Seattle, and at Cody’s Books, Berkeley.  He’s also listed in Poets & Writers and is available for readings at Bookthatpoet.com

Autumnal 2010, Littoral Currents

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Casey R. Schulke grew up along the Kuskokwim River in a rural Athabascan village in Alaska fishing for king salmon and mushing her sled dog team. She now resides on the shores of Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. Casey's a poet, a naturalist, a dog-lover, has two birds, and is married to a wonderful man.
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